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BOT 50 Calls For Public Participation As Botswana Nears 50 Years!

By Published August 01, 2016

As preparations for Botswana’s up-coming golden jubilee independence celebrations kick start, Batswana have been urged to take ownership and be part of the event. BOT 50, the committee responsible for organising the 50th Independence Day celebration has promised Batswana greatest celebrations ever.

Already, the preparatory committee has been set up named Botswana Fifty Anniversary Coordination Unity abbreviated as BOT FIFTY or BOT 50. Batswana have been urged to actively participate in the activities lined up for the 50th anniversary of Botswana in 2016. Speaking during a press conference recently, Bot 50 coordinator Ms Charity Kgotlafela urged Batswana to unite and embrace the spirit of the forthcoming celebrations.

We hope that these celebrations will be the best ever to come out of his country. The whole world will be watching us, henceforth this is our moment to redeem ourselves. Moreover we have this 50 years milestone will see us move forward as a country and remain a force to be reckoned with.

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