English Medium Schools in Selebi Phikwe are said to be losing business as former BCL employees are transferring their kids to government schools.

Speaking to DUMA FM NEWS during a farewell swimming gala, Director of Mount Pleasant English Medium School Engna Swaniker said 120 students are leaving her school end of this year because their parents can no longer afford to pay school fees.

She said parents have been depending on government for assistance but it can only do so until December this year, hence the move to public schools.

Umbrella for Democratic Change President Duma Boko has urged Selibe Phikwe residents not to believe reports suggesting that Botswana Peoples Party and Botswana Movement for Democracy are not members of the umbrella body.

Addressing a UDC star rally in the Selebi Phikwe West constituency yesterday, Boko said the reports are far from the truth, saying members from the parties in question are in fact part of the rally.

Members of the public particularly those affiliated with the Botswana National Front insist their party is united and satisfactorily progressive.

Those who spoke to Dumafm said BNF is one of the oldest political entities in the countries and has managed to survive despite all the political instability in Botswana.

They said being formulated and led by some of the countries’ political icons, BNF remains a force to reckon with.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is said have agreed to the terms of his resignation and a letter has been drafted.


According to a CNN report, citing sources with direct knowledge of negotiations, the army generals have agreed into many of Mugabe's demands.

Under the agreed deal, Mugabe and his wife will be granted full immunity and he will keep his private properties.


For the resignation to formally take place, however, a letter must first be sent to the speaker of Parliament.


Mugabe stunned many last night after he stressed that he was still in power during a much-anticipated TV address.


Many Zimbabweans expected Mugabe to resign after the army seized power last week. But Mugabe delivered his speech alongside the uniformed generals who were behind the military intervention.



The Botswana Meat Commission - BMC plant in Maun has started the maintenance of the Makalamabedi quarantine to facilitate Commodity Based Trade - CBT principle in which the government is set to approach to market Ngamiland beef.

The Plant Manager Oabona Ramotshwara told Duma FM in an interview on Friday that despite the Department of Veterinary Services having lifted cattle movement in Ngamiland last week following the successful control of FMD and Anthrax disease; the abattoir has not yet commenced to slaughter animals as maintaincance of the Makalamabedi quarantine is ongoing. 

He noted that BMC is ready for the CBT approach and has been deboning and maturing their beef before the selling process.

Ramotshwara however, explained that the abattoir will only start purchasing and slaughtering cattle once the maintenance of the quarantine is complete next year January.

He also revealed that they are eyeing new markets such as South Africa and Angola but will continue to sell their beef to existing market of Kuwait, Mozambique and Vietnam.